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Worcester Greenstore Ground Source Heat Pump 7Kw (Systen)

The Greenstore 7 System ground source heat pump is designed to work with a cylinder to produce heating and hot water for your home.

Ground collectors buried within your land collect stored solar energy there and transfer it to the heat pump. The ground source heat pump then uses this energy to deliver heating and hot water to your system.

The kilowatt output you need from the ground source heat pump depends on the heat load of your property Click Here For More Info
Worcester Greenstore 7Kw System Ground Source Heat Pump

Worcester Greenstore 7Kw System Ground Source Heat Pump

Price: £3,545.00 (£4,254.00 Including VAT at 20%)

Easy to operate text display menu
Excellent Coefficient of Performance ratings give a better return on investment
Quiet operation with low noise output
Integrated additional heater avoids the need for a supplementary heat source
Scroll compressor generates a flow temperature* of up to 65°C
2 years parts and labour warranty for peace of mind
No gas or oil required and no fluing allows easy siting of appliance
No annual servicing required reduced operating costs
Greenstore compatible cylinders are G3 compliant

This low flow temperature is normally used in conjunction with under-floor heating

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