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Tapworks Whole House Filter

Tapworks Whole House Filter

Whole House Filter  

Price: £312.50 (£375.00 Including VAT at 20%)

Filtered water for every tap in your home

The latest innovative product from Tapworks provides freshly filtered water to every tap in the home. Designed for the many households in the UK who dont like the taste or smell of their mains supplied water, the Whole Home Filter removes chlorine and sediment for purer water that customers will love. Used on its own or as the perfect partner to a Tapworks water softener, this easy to install product eliminates maintenance worries with a filter that last up to 8 years.

Great tasting, pure smelling water supplies throughout the home

The Whole Home Filter removes the nasty smells, tastes and sediment that an increasing number of customers hate. Its the perfect product for all sorts of families including those with young children, skin complaints, a preference for bottled water or big laundry requirements. With the Whole Home Filter installed customers will benefit from:
"Great tasting water on tap
"The elimination from water supplies of chlorine smells and tastes
"Delicious, pure-tasting tea and coffee
"Better tasting cooking as fruits, vegetables, pasta, rice and other foods are prepared using freshly filtered water
"Even better bath times with filtered water for everything from cleaning teeth to washing hair

Easy to install

The Whole Home Filter is fitted at the water mains point of entry in the property. Installation is simplicity itself, with mains water diverted through the product via the inbuilt connector. Once connected you simply power-up via a standard 13-amp socket, run the start-up cycle, set the clock and set the programme times. Its as simple as that and the household is ready for a continuous flow of filtered water.

No replacement filters, cartridges or mess

The Whole Home Filter cleanses water via our exclusive Filtersense" technology. Based on typical household water consumption (250m3/year), the filter will provide high quality water for 8 years, with no maintenance, replacement filters, replacement cartridges or the like. And, the built-in AutoRinse" technology makes things easy by automating filter cleaning cycles.

Big company warranty

As with all Tapworks products, the Whole Home Filter is backed by our comprehensive warranty and team of experienced engineers. In the unlikely event of a problem with a Tapworks product* you can rest assured that well be there to put it right.

Compact convenience without loss of pressure

The Whole Home Filter has the capacity to filter water for an entire household or even something bigger like a guest house, restaurant or bar. However this large capacity isnt at the expense of size as the product is compact enough to fit in a cupboard or small enclosure. Better still, water pressure is barely affected so householders will be especially pleased with your product choice.

Technical & dimension details

Total height



Rated service flow rate
15.1 litres/minute

Pressure drop at rated flow rate
0.34 bar

Flow rate at 1 bar pressure drop
41.6 litres/minute

Supply water pressure limit minimum
2.1 bar

Supply water pressure limit maximum
8.6 bar

Supply water temperature limit minimum

Supply water temperature limit maximum

Drain flow rate
12.9 litres/minute

Rated capacity
776,000 litres

Estimated total capacity (extrapolated from laboratory test data)
2,044,000 litres

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