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Tapworks AD15 Water Softener

Tapworks AD15

Automatic Demand Softener AD15  

Price: £579.00 (£694.80 Including VAT at 20%)

A real powerhouse softener with the capacity to soften over 3,000 litres per day

The Tapworks AD15 water softener eradicates hard water problems for good, producing litre upon litre of fresh, soft water each and every day of the year. Once installed, the AD15 transforms hard water into clean and reinvigorating soft water. The AD15 is ideal for larger households and small businesses with the need to soften up 3,333 litres of water per day.

The Tapworks AD15 is:
"Built for efficiency to save you money
"Patented Tapworks technology ensures optimum performance, using significantly less salt and water than conventional softeners
"Smart technology accurately monitors water usage and adapts to your needs, ensuring softened water is always available on demand
"High performance advanced resin allows for a compact, space saving unit with high softening capacity
"High flow rates and low pressure loss are ideal for todays properties old and new

In-built intelligence puts you in control
"Easy to use controls put information at your fingertips
"Remote telephone diagnostics facility allows the performance of your softener to be checked remotely

Reliable for your peace of mind
"48-hour power loss back-up protects the softeners memory in the event of a power cut
"Durable and reliable heavy-duty Teflon coated rotary valve
"Strong high density salt storage cabinet with wide access opening for easy salt loading
"Reinforced fibreglass resin tank, pressure tested up to 8.6 bar with a 10 year replacement warranty (excluding labour)
"Overflow and double safety shut-off valve for added security
"24 volt transformer for safer electrical supply

An ecological choice that saves on carbon emissions
"A Tapworks softener can reduce your carbon footprint, saving you money in the process and benefiting the environment

Technical & dimension details

Total height
810mm (31 7/8)

468mm (18 3/8)

Total depth including connectors
496mm (19 1/2)

296mm(11 3/4)
Maximum daytime working pressure
4.76 (70psi)
Recommended minimum daytime working pressure
1.7bar (25psi)

Maximum flow rate (peak)
51.7 litre/minute
Maximum softened water capacity @300ppm
3333 litres

Maximum softened water capacity @400ppm
2750 litres

Maximum softened water capacity @500ppm
2200 litres

Recommended household size
Water hardness and flow rates can affect which
model you need, if in doubt please contact us for advice.

1-7 people

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