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Spirotech Spirocombi

The Spirotech SpiroCombi combines the features of a deaerator and a dirt separator in a single product that constantly removes free-circulating air, micro-bubbles and dirt particles. This makes the SpiroCombi a highly reliable solution for your cooling installations, and sometimes also for heating or process installations.
Spirocombi Air and Dirt 22mm Vertical SV2-022-CV Brass

Spirocombi Air and Dirt 22mm Vertical SV2-022-CV Brass

Price: £118.00 (£141.60 Including VAT at 20%)

SpiroCombi - Air & Dirt In Brass

22mm Combi Vertical (.35 l/sec)
Effectively removes the circulating air and micro-bubbles
Also separates and removes tiny particles, from 5 µm (= 0.005 mm)
Drains dirt while the installation is operating
No shut-off valves or bypass required
Minimal, constant pressure drop
No unnecessary standstill
Maintenance only takes a few seconds

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