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Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery System


Recovair Systems

Mechanical ventilation and heat recovery means everyone in the home can have all the fresh air they require without having to pay the energy cost for heating it up to a comfortable temperature. The recoVAIR system also reduces the carbon footprint of the home, reducing the reliance on fossil fuels needed to effectively heat up the property.
The recoVAIR system extracts used air from the home and at the same time uses the heat from the extracted air to heat up fresh air from outside. The recoVAIR system has two integral speed controlled DC fans, one for the supply of air and the second for extraction. The air flows are managed so that each passes through the heat exchanger in a contra-flow to provide maximum heat transfer (up to 95%) from the extracted air to the fresh air supply. This brings the temperature of the fresh air close to the room temperature, reducing the amount of additional heat needed to match the temperature to the occupants requirements.
Each recoVAIR system is supplied with a summer by-pass unit, this allows the cooler summer night-time fresh air to by-pass the heat exchanger providing an immediate cooling effect as well as pre-cooling the building fabric prior to the next warm day. The standard controller even provides an energy gain display to show you how much energy is saved in using this feature.
recoVAIR mechanical ventilation and heat recovery system range

recoVAIR VAR 275 - From 50m3/h up to a maximum of 275m3/h @ 175pa
recoVAIR VAR 350 - From 70m3/h up to a maximum of 350m3/h @ 265pa

Vaillant Recovair Unit VAR275

Vaillant Recovair Unit VAR275

Price: £1,159.00 (£1,390.80 Including VAT at 20%)

Vaillant Recovair Unit VAR350

Vaillant Recovair Unit VAR350

Price: £1,259.00 (£1,510.80 Including VAT at 20%)

High Efficiency Filter Set 20026061

High Efficiency Filter Set 20026061

Price: £49.00 (£58.80 Including VAT at 20%)

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