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Grundfos Homebooster

Grundfos Homebooster Grundfos Homebooster

Price: £1,059.00 (£1,270.80 Including VAT at 20%)


The Grundfos Home Booster cold water booster set is designed for use in domestic and light commercial premises for pressure boosting where the existing water supply is insufficient to meet the demand requirements.
It has been developed to provide a compact and cost-effective solution for many small to medium pressure boosting applications.All Grundfos products are built to the very highest standards, and as you would expect from Grundfos, the unit features a high quality stainless steel pump for efficiency, sustained performance levels and long working life and up to date control technology. The Home Booster is WRAS Approved.

Installation could not be simpler, with only mains cold water, discharge pipework and electrical connections to be made.

The Home Booster is a single pump booster set with integral cold water storage tank with a nominal capacity of 200 litres and is fitted with a low level float. There is provision for adding an additional tank. Two or more units can be operated together as part of a modular solution giving larger capacity and a standby pump. The unit is microprocessor controlled, with display and keypad from a pressure transducer. A status light indicates healthy or fault conditions, an audible alarm is given on fault, and a volt free change over contact is available for remote indication if required.

The Home Booster is microprocessor controlled.
The discharge pressure is monitored by a pressure transducer, which compares the pressure to the user adjustable pressure values for cut-in and out.
The pump is started if a demand causes the system pressure to fall to the cut-in value. The pump will continue to run until the cut-out pressure is reached, and then stops after a small run on delay to prevent pump cycling. The 8 litre pressure vessel makes up for small water demands thereby preventing unnecessary pump starts.

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