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Baxi Multifit Gas Saver

Baxi Multifit Gassaver


The Multifit GasSaver is an innovative product that sits neatly between a boiler and flue and recycles the heat from the flue gases which would normally be expelled into the atmosphere and wasted. It has been proven by independent testing to achieve domestic hot water savings of up to 37% and can reduce the gas used to heat hot water by up to 50% annually*.

How it works
The Multifit GasSaver stores the condensate normally expelled into the atmosphere through the boiler flue. Heat from this condensate is then recycled to preheat water coming into the boiler from the cold mains supply, significantly reducing the amount of gas required by the boiler to heat the water. This means lower energy bills for the householder and greater carbon savings.

Key features and benefits
Low carbon solution, offering up to 700kg carbon emissions saving**
Reduces cold water consumption by up to 37%*
Maintenance free - no moving parts and no annual servicing required
Constructed from 316L Stainless Steel ensuring longevity
No controls or settings - reduces nuisance call outs
Increases boiler efficiency - saves up to 50% of the gas used to heat hot water annually*
Simple to install - designed for easy and fast fitting
Compatible with a wide range of Baxi Group appliances
Reduces nuisance pluming - utilises flue gas latent heat to improve DHW operational efficiency
Blending valve supplied as standard - maximising recovered energy
Support from Baxi Group NEWdesign team, offering free, fully indemnified heating and hot water system designs
Supported boilers
Baxi Duo-tec Combi HE A: 24/28/33/40

Baxi Platinum Combi HE A: 24/28/33/40

Multifit Gassaver for Duotec & Platinum Combis

Multifit Gassaver for Duotec & Platinum Combis

Price: £639.00 (£766.80 Including VAT at 20%)


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