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Amptec Electric Boilers

Amptec Electric Boiler

Amptec Electric Boiler

4kw @ £379.00 (£454.80 Inc VAT)   
6kw @ £389 (£466.80 Inc VAT)   
9kw @ £525 (£630.00 Inc VAT)   
12kw @ £645 (£774.00 Inc VAT)   

Never heard of an electric boiler? Take a look at the features & benefits below:

99.8% Efficient
No Boiler Flues, making for no fumes, no noise and green for the environment too.

Compact Design
At only just over 1 Metre long and 90mm square it can fit almost anywhere.

No need for annual service, saves on installation costs, simply link it in with your existing Hot water cylinder.

Amptec boilers are powered by clean, green and silent electricity to supply wet central heating and domestic hot water. They include an onboard microchip control system to regulate the output water temperature and to provide power modulation for maximum efficiency at minimum running costs.

For higher outputs, Amptec boilers can be installed together to meet greater demands. Temperature range is between 65° - 80°C.

It can also be ordered to suit an underfloor heating installation.

Range Available
4kw 14,000 Btu 17 Amp
6kw 20,000 Btu 25 Amp
9kw 30,000 Btu 38 Amp
12kw 41,000 Btu 50 Amp

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