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Alpha Solarsmart

Alpha Solarsmart

Alpha Solarsmart

With rising gas prices and global warming currently high on the national agenda, Alpha have launched a revolutionary new solar thermal system which makes positive impact on both.

SolarSmart collects solar radiation via a roof-mounted panel, converting it to energy which is used to heat a volume of stored water. A boiler is used as back-up to raise this to the correct temperature, if necessary. Because the water is partially heated by the solar element, even when it does fire, the boiler is rarely required to operate at full load.

But the twist with SolarSmart is that, unlike conventional solar thermal systems that use a system boiler, it uses a combination boiler. And this gives SolarSmart a considerable advantage over conventional systems.

A system boiler fires to heat stored water as soon as it drops below a certain temperature, regardless of immediate demand. A combi boiler only fires when the stored water temperature needs raising and there is an immediate demand for it, so reducing gas usage even further.

SolarSmart can deliver large volumes of hot water even during winter months and on cloudy days. Perhaps best of all, SolarSmart has a ground-breaking price of under £2,400 and comes as a complete package with no complicated list of accessories to choose from.

An Alpha Solarsmart package comprises of 3 components.
1 - The Solarsmart 90 pack which consists of the Cylinder, Drain back unit and the Unvented kit.
2 - A Solar collector - either Portrait or Landscape
3 - Fixing Kit - either a Flashing kit,Flat kit or on tile kit.

Alpha Solarsmart 90 Pack

Alpha Solarsmart 90 Pack

Price: £1,559.00 (£1,870.80 Including VAT at 20%)

Collector Choice

Choose either

Fixng kit

Choose from

Includes Solarsmart 90 cylinder, Drain back unit and Unvented kit.

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