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Adey Magnaclean

Magnaclean Micro 22mm
Magnaclean Micro 22mm
MagnaClean® Micro has been developed by the company that pioneered magnetic filtration in the UK.
It delivers effective ongoing protection against the damaging effects of black iron oxide sludge and non-magnetic debris for all small, domestic central heating systems especially where space may be limited.

The compact filter not only extends the operational life of the central heating system, it reduces maintenance and heating energy bills as well as reducing carbon emissions.

The benefits for installers are immediate:
Compact design for tight installations
Effective magnetic filtration
Non-magnetic debris capture
Quick and easy chemical dosing
Simple installation
Effortless servicing in minutes
For more info visit the Magnaclean website
Price: £77.50 (£93.00 Including VAT at 20%)

Magnaclean Professional 22mm
Magnaclean Professional 22mm
Central Heating systems naturally build up black iron oxide which clogs up the boiler and radiators.
Magnaclean uses a strong magnetic filter to suspend the particles whilst allowing 100% flow rate.
This can be extracted at any time,cleaned and replaced with no fuss.
The Magnaclean filter will provide many years of protection, maintaining the high efficiency of your heating system, resulting in financial benefit and increased reliability, and is backed by a two year limited guarantee.

For more info visit the Magnaclean website
Price: £84.95 (£101.94 Including VAT at 20%)

Magnaclean Professional 28mm
Magnaclean Professional 28mm

Price: £137.90 (£165.48 Including VAT at 20%)

Magnaclean Twin Tech
Magnaclean Twin Tech
ADEY has extended its impressive product range with the addition of MagnaClean TwinTech®, the companys first dual-action magnetic and non-magnetic filter. Advances in recent years have now created a totally effective dual-action filter all in one, eliminating virtually 100% of suspended black iron oxide and all other non-magnetic particles and debris from the system.

Immediate benefits
MagnaClean TwinTech is a proven technology and with its powerful magnetic and non-magnetic filtration characteristics, the benefits for new and existing central heating systems are immediate:

Powerful magnetic filtration
Exceptional non-magnetic filtration
Simple installation and servicing, saving time and money
Quick and easy chemical dosing
Increased energy efficiency
Longer central heating system life
Guaranteed for two years

Price: £99.50 (£119.40 Including VAT at 20%)

Adey Power Cleanse
Adey Power Cleanse
Detox PowerCleanse is an environmentally safe and powerful de-scaler, sludge breaker and cleanser developed specically for professional heating engineers. It possesses an extremely effective and heavy-duty cleaning action. It is non-hazardous and zero COSHH-rated.

Dissolves rusts, copper oxides, and hardness scales
" Ensures optimum boiler efficiency including reduction in boiler noise
" Suitable for all metals including aluminium
" Perfect for power-flushing
" Self-neutralising
" Eliminates corrosive flux residues which could give rise to rapid pin-holing corrosion of radiators
" Suitable for all systems including potable water (requires rinsing)
" Prepares existing systems for the installation of new equipment
" Does not cause pin-holing or leaks
" Restores circulation to part-blocked radiators
" Zero COSHH-rated

Price: £19.50 (£23.40 Including VAT at 20%)

Adey Vibraclean
Adey Vibraclean
The VibraClean precision-made radiator agitator liberates sludge, hardened deposits and blockages eliminating the need to remove a radiator ever again.

Quality power-flushing in half the time !
Price: £45.00 (£54.00 Including VAT at 20%)

Adey Powerflush Filter
Adey Powerflush Filter
MagnaClean PowerFlushing Filter® has been developed by ADEY specifically for central heating professionals to undertake the best possible system cleaning and maintenance. The filter is compatible with all power-flush machines.

The procedure, if carried out correctly, is extremely effective in restoring performance to ageing, sludge-ridden, heating systems. Extensive testing has demonstrated that power-flushing is, without doubt, BEST INDUSTRY PRACTICE when it comes to maintaining old systems.
Price: £297.00 (£356.40 Including VAT at 20%)

Adey Industrial Magnaclean
Adey Industrial Magnaclean
MagnaClean Industrial® is an incredibly powerful magnetic filtration unit designed to tackle demanding industrial and commercial applications.

The installation of this proven technology combines exceptional design and precision engineering to deliver immediate benefits wherever there is a significant number of
radiators with larger dimension pipework.

MagnaClean Industrial operates in two key ways. Firstly, it purges even the most
demanding and dirtiest commercial system of the potentially damaging iron-oxide.
Secondly, the ongoing operation of the heating system is trouble-free as the water circulates through what is effectively a protected iron oxide-free zone.
Available in 2" , 4" & 6"


2" £1595 (£1914.00 inc vat)   
4" £1969 (£2362.80 inc vat)   
4" Highflow £3195 (£3834.00 inc vat)   
6" £3345 (£4014.00 inc vat)   

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